Parking Staff

Part Time
Loveland, CO

To fill multiple staffing posts that may vary from event to event.  These posts include cone setter/striker, ticket seller, directional staff, Gate A Cut-Off, Gate E Cut-Off, ADA Lot, Gated Lot and Premium Lot.

Job Functions:
Greet and provide friendly/helpful direction to patrons in parking lots.
Collect cash or check passes, credentials for entrance into events.
Familiarize yourself with all parking passes and which lots passes are valid for.
Enforcing all Events Center policies and procedures.
Be alert at all times while on duty.
Always be on the watch for activities, conditions or hazards which could result in injury or damage to persons or property.
Properly obey and execute all orders given by superiors.
Present a calm friendly attitude; be able to act without haste or undue emotion.
Respectful and careful in handling of all equipment and gear provided.
Work in cooperation with other parking staff and law enforcement officers as a team.
Set and strike cones / parking barricades on Fairgrounds Avenue, Arena Circle and in the lots as appropriate for the event.
Must use safe practices while setting and striking cones while walking alongside the cone trailer. (Riding on trailer is not permitted.)
Follow policies and procedures established for parking ticket selling and cash handling.
Must be capable of responding on call to any emergency that may arise in the parking lots or on the premises.
Provide accurate information regarding incidents to supervisors, law enforcement or facility management personnel.
Expedite moving vehicles through the gates and lines of access as quickly and safely as possible.
Directing patrons to the proper lots and entrances that allowed for public access.
Asking and utilizing parking supervisors and management staff for assistance whenever needed and reporting all suspicious behavior.
Perform related duties and responsibilities as required.

Standards of Excellence:
1. Smile, Greet, Say “How you doin”?
2. Thoughtfulness of our guests and employees
3. Offer help before the guest asks – May I help you? – NEVER say “Next”
4. Get the answers or someone who can – I’ll find out – NOT “I don’t’ know”
5. Appearance and Posture – complete compliance with our dress code; neat and well groomed, trimmed beard, clean shaven; uniform to fit properly; hems are to break at top of shoe, no cuffs permitted; fanny packs only; company issued pins. Posture – no leaning against chairs, walls or railings.

Nonessential Job Functions:
Perform all other duties as assigned by your supervisor.

Effective oral communication and writing skills in the English language
Previous cash/cashier experience preferred; strong math skills required.
Ability to interact with guests and staff on a professional basis
Must be able to stand and tolerate all weather conditions for long periods.
Must have a earned a high school diploma or equivalent GED
Proven job reliability, diligence, dedication and attention to detail.
Ability to work a flexible schedule, including but not limited to nights, weekends and select holidays

Intellectual/Social/Physical Demands and Work Environment:
The intellectual/social/physical demands and work environment characteristics described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of the job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Intellectual/Social Demands:
While performing the essential duties of this job, the employee is continuously asked to multi-task under time limits. Position requires constant attention to precise details and accuracy of specified standards including: following simple to complex (more than 3 steps) instructions, and concentration which frequently extends beyond 30 minutes at a time. This position also requires constant use of interpersonal skills including: ability to foster collaboration, recognize and resolve conflicts, and openly communicate with co-workers/clients/supervisors.

Physical Demands:
While performing the essential functions of the job, the employee constantly moves about the event site before/during/after events and lifts, pulls, holds, pushes and places heavy objects; constantly is required to exchange accurate information verbally.

Work environment:
The essential functions of this position are usually performed outdoors in the weather conditions prevalent at the time. The noise level in the work environments is usually moderate to loud to during events and when setting up/breaking down equipment, and minimal during non-events and when not setting up/breaking down equipment.